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19-21 April 2019

Iznik Historical City Run - 5K

Starts at 10:30 on 21th of April on Sunday.
It is an individual running race.
The course is around 5km long and total altitude gain is 1 meter.

Course Description

The course starts at the Iznik Ultra Marathon Festival area where is in front of the Iznik Municipality building and ends at the same place. You can download sketch .gps data of 5K course below.

Garmin Connect page

İznik 5K Tarihi Kent Koşusu 2018

Rotadaki Önemli Tarihi Eserler:
1.Ayafosya kilisesi(Hagia Sophia Church)
2.Göl Kapı(Göl Gate)
3.İznik sualtı bazilikası (Nicaea underwater basilica)
4.Kırgız Türbesi
5.Güney doğu surları(South-east Wall)
6.Lefke Kapı (Lefke Gate)
7.Yeşil Camii
8.Arkeoloji Müzesi(Museum)
9.Ç.Halil Paşa Türbesi
10.Ç.Ali Paşacamii(Mosque)

Course Time Limit

90 minutes. No time limit at the intermediary control stations.


On the website or at the stands that will be set up at Iznik by filling a registration form and signing a health disclaimer.
NO OBLIGATION to have a medical report or a sports license.

Submission of Racing Documents and Registration

Racing Documents will be handed out at the Race Center at the time announced in the schedule.
Race Center is in front of İznik Municipality building.

Last Minute Racing Documents Desk

Runner who didn't get their documents may get it from the same desk.

Certification and Preconditions

Children younger than or right at the age of 14 can participate by submitting a permission slip from their parents.
Participants for Iznik Historical City Run are not obligated to submit a sports license or medical report.
Registration can be done by signing the health disclaimer provided by the organization.

Changing Clothes and Leaving the Clothing Bag

There will be changing rooms/tents and bagdrop point 300 meters away from Start-Finish line at the Iznik Ultra Marathon Village.

Starting Positions

Runners will be accepted to the running area 15 minutes before the start. Please follow the announcements.


Electronical chips (tags) will be used. There will be Men and Women as classification, age group classification will be listed later.
The bib number must be attached to the chest visible at the front of you. Pass controls will be made on the route.
Finishing medal and water will be provided at the finish line. There will be no t-shirt in the race kit. No finishing medal and classification result for the participants without the bib number on the chest.
Bib numbers should not be changed with another participant and should not be handed over.

Picking Vehicle

A car will be following the last participant.

Medical Service

Medical Service will be provided along the route and at the town center.


Podium of Men and Women in general classification will be awarded with hand made tile plaquettes. There won't be any age group classification.

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What to Volunteer?
If not as contestant, you can participate as a volunteer. Please click to volunteer!
Accredited Organizations
Iznik Ultra is organized by Macera Akademisi- MCR Racesetter.
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