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19-21 April 2019

Iznik Ultra Marathon 160K Relay

Relay teams consist of 4 runner (relay 4).
Course length approximately 162,5k, total altitude gain and total descend 4470m +/-
Relay races start at 19:00 on 19 April, with the main Iznik Ultra 160K race.
They run on exactly same route and checkpoints.

Relay 4

• Teams consist 4 runners.

İznik Ultra 160K Relay 4 Değişim Noktaları Tablosu
Start Finish Distance km Total Asc. D+ m Total Desc. D- m Max. Time Cut-Off Time
1st Runner İznik Ilıca 36,1 567 556 06:00 01:00
2nd Runner Ilıca Örnekköy 37,7 1166 1187 07:00 08:00
3rd Runner Örnekköy Müşküle 42 1423 1267 08:00 16:00
4th Runner Müşküle İznik 46,7 1314 1460 09:00 01:00

          1st Stage;                          2nd Stage

          3rd Stage;                          4th Stage

Iznik Ultra Relay 4 1st stage course is accredited 1 points by ITRA. Recognized by Columbia ® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®.

1 2 270

Iznik Ultra Relay 4 2nd stage course is accredited 2 points by ITRA. Recognized by Columbia ® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®.

2 3 340

Iznik Ultra Relay 4 3rd stage course is accredited 2 points by ITRA. Recognized by Columbia ® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®.

2 4 380

Iznik Ultra Relay 4 4th stage course is accredited 2 points by ITRA. Recognized by Columbia ® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®.

2 3 290

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You can reach the course of the 2019 edition here.

Relay Rules;
• Every teams consist of 2 or 4 people older than 18 years old.Teams can be formed in any gender combination.
• Team classification is made only for relay 2 and relay 4. No gender combination classification to be considered. • Lists of team members are final cant be changed after 17th of April.
• Just one member of team is allowed to run on the course at the same time.
• Each member can run on course only once.
• Team members have to reach changing points before their cutoff time.
• Team member on course cannot get any assistance from team members.
• Relay race will progress only with the proper finish of the former stage. If former runner cannot finish, later runner(s) cannot start.If any runner of the team withdraws or disqualified, later stage members CANNOT run any stages.
• Any member completing individual stage will gain ITRA (and other if available) points. Disqualification of later team members do not effect this.
• Team members cant pace each other except after Derbent control point.
• Mandotary items must be carried by the runner on the course.
• Teams may use their own support car or organisation shuttle.
• Shuttle time which is provided by organisation will be declared. It goes every changing points on specified times.
• If shuttle preferred, team member has to be ready 10 mins before departure.
• All members must run together from Lefke Door to Finish line (it means; all team members have to run last 1 km together) Teams missing members will be disqualified.
• Team captains must attend to race brief.
• Teams cant get start to the race if they/member of team dont obey the rules listed above. If any violation proved during/after the race, organisation company will disqualify the team/teams.
• After finishing the final stage of the relay race, all members recieve a finisher medal.

Nutrion on Course and Checkpoints

There are fountains alongside the road as the course follow village roads. Reliable sources will be announced at the end of February.
• Drinking Water will be available almost at all of the checkpoints.
• 3 levels of refreshment points will be available:
- Su: There will be water and may be coke too.
- Mini: Water, coke, tea, coffee, chocolate, biscuits, crackers, some fruit (banana, mandarin slices, etc.), and soup at some of the locations.
- Ikmal: All the supplies that mini offers plus support crew can assist their runner.
• Each participant will use his/her own cup for drinks.
• Participants may put food to their dropbag given at registry to be carried to Örnekköy CP by organization.

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Derbent Equipment Check
After 20 April 18:00 every competitor must wear Hi-vis vest or belt and have their lights on before passing Derbent Control Point or they may be disqualified.

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What to Volunteer?
If not as contestant, you can participate as a volunteer. Please click to volunteer!
Accredited Organizations
Iznik Ultra is organized by Macera Akademisi- MCR Racesetter.
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