İznik Ultra

Trail and ultra running festival of Turkey

11. Iznik Ultra Enthusiastic Completed!

We watched the head-to-head fights in all courses of the Iznik Ultra race with excitement.
650 competitors from 15 countries ran around Lake Iznik, had fun and became a part of this experience.

Iznik Ultra 2022

Iznik district and Lake Iznik, offering views of local culture and historical heritage.

Let's take a look at Iznik Ultra 2022, where fresh air and fascinating running routes meet at a common point.

2020: Year of the Unexpected

The film of race not organised. Why to we love trail running?
What does trail running mean to Iznik locals? Join us April 9-11, 2021



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Iznik Ultra 2024: Everything You Might Wonder About Is Here

Iznik Ultra 2024: Everything You Might Wonder About Is Here

Click here to access the İznik Ultra Info Kit .If you are racing on the 90K - 75K - 50K - 25K routes and want to receive course transportation support, click here.
160K -75K Route update

160K -75K Route update

3K section after Boyalıca bridge all to Boyalica CP is updated. After bridge markings will follow river to lake shore. Landscaping works are finally over and this will be a nice 3K stretch near sunset..

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