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19-21 April 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

11. Is it allowed to use GPS, can I load the track of the race?

It is allowed to use GPS. The data given by organisation can be loaded to device. Organisation recommends Garmin GPS.

12. Is there a food limit on stations for per participant or can I eat and drink as much as I want?

Foods and beverage on stations is calculated considering the needs of the participants. Participants can drink and eat as much as they want. Food and beverage must be consumed consciously considering the reaction of the body in a long race.

13. Can I put my light in the drop bag?

No, light must be carried until the end of the race.

14. Can I drop my reflective vest in the drop bag?

No, reflective vest must be carried until the end of the race.

15. Can I buy food/beverage in villages on the route?

Yes, if you pay the due.

16. Is it possible to put dry clothes in drop bag? Can we drop back wet or useless gear?

You can drop your gear or food, beverage or clothes to your drop bag. It’s up to you to drop your whole clothes or separately (don’t forget the bag is approx. 30lt)

17. Is there any signboard on the route that shows the distance? How can I know how much do I need to run?
There will be signboards on check points.

18. I am afraid of dogs, is there a risk of encountering dogs in rural areas?

There are hounds and shepherd dogs in rural Iznik. Free dogs generally have their owner near. In villages, dogs are tied.

19. If I decide to withdraw between two checkpoints how can I reach the finish?

First of all you must reach the nearest station and give information to crew. Organization can transfer you when they remove the station or you can go back by your own. You have food, beverage and protective clothes in your bag that sustain several hours.

20. Are there any drinking fountain on the route in case of the shortage of water?

There are fountains on the route but they’re not marked.

21. Do I get sick if I drink water from a fountain, stream or Iznik Lake?

Most of the fountains are safe, we don’t suggest streams/rivers. Don’t drink İznik Lake water!!

22. What do I win when I finish the race?

All of the competitors who completes the course win memorial medal. First three win cup/plaque in general classification. First three in age classification win medal. All of the 130 K and 80 K finishers wins UTMB points.

23. Is it possible/allowed to my friend to accompany me by running or by car?

It’s not allowed to pacer accompany in the first section of 130 K. Only after Narlica CP (app90K) a pacer is allowed. Muling and feeding on the run is not allowed. Your friends are free to drive on open traffic, can take photo on the route and applause the runners. Some of the dirt road will be closed for race security. Pacers not allowed in other races (Orhangazi Ultra, Narlica/İznik Mountain Marathon).

24. Is it possible for my friend to wait me in checkpoints?

Yes they can wait close to checkpoints. They can give the food or beverage they carried to you within 50m away from checkpoint.

25. Can I take gear or food support from my friends in checkpoints?

Yes, within 50 m away from checkpoint. You can leave your baton and mandatory items

26. It seems weather will be dry and calm, do we have to carry beret, gloves, jackets and long cuff clothes?

All of the mandatory equipments must be carried during the race. There can be unpredictable situations.

27. Is it obliged to carry bag?

There must a backpack or fanny pack in order to carry the mandatory items.

28. Will there be a bag checking (mandatory control) in all check points?

Not in all check points but every participant’s bags will be checked different points.

29. Do I need a specific shoe? Are asphalt running shoes suitable?

%80 of the route is on soil and dirt paths, %20 is slippery and technical territory. It will be better for you to run with off road/ path running shoes.

30. Will there be a timing system? Do I tie the chip to my shoes or read by hand?

Sport ident standard chip system will be used. You must read the chip on stations.

31. I have never run an ultra-marathon before, can I do that?

Ultra marathons are much longer but smoother activities in comparison with 10-21-42 km distances. What important is not completing a marathon distance before but doing 6-8-10 or longer distances. If you’re doing Mountaineering, backpacking or whole day trekking, you have the potential to run 80K (Orhangazi Ultra).

32. I have fast marathon degrees before, can I run ultra-marathon?

If you add slow longs and sequencing longs to your training program you can easily run ultra. Don’t forget to finish fast but completing the race.

33. I can run marathon in 4 hours (or half marathon in 2 hours). If I decided to run 130 K how long will it take to finish?

If you have never run 60-80 km and not accustomed to ascents, we can estimate 130K in 20-25 hours.

34. Can I help a participant on route if she/he asks for?

Yes for fair play. A runner’s best friend is another runner on a route with 130km.

What to Volunteer?
If not as contestant, you can participate as a volunteer. Please click to volunteer!
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Iznik Ultra is organized by Macera Akademisi- MCR Racesetter.
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